Kingfisher With The Stomach For Life On The Go

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This distinctive-looking bird is part of the water kingfisher group. Its the only member of the family to be commonly found in North America  and Canada. One notable aspect of the belted kingfisher is that it displays sexual metamorphism. The female bird is actually more color full than the male,although they both feature the same white collar and slate-blue head. They are also keen travelers, and can stray quite far from land during their migration; The species has been found on a variety of Pacific islands,including Hawaii and the Azores. While it makes a burrow like many other members of the family, it’s typically sloped upwards, which is  thought to prevent water entering the nest. Youngsters have acidic  stomachs to help them digest a variety of bones and shells, but this changes as they age and they cough up pellets like other kingfishers.

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